Pictures of the dating game

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I'm sitting in a waterside cafe ingesting my first caffeine of the day.They are eating vanilla almond white chocolate cake and drinking lattes.For some, dating, thanks to the Internet, has never been more complex with a whole new list of social media rules and etiquette to angst over.For others it's as simple as swipe left or right on Tinder. Dangle enough data for her to find you on Linked In or Facebook. Never underestimate the power of “Looking for a connection.” You write: “Hey, wuts up? Now I’m feeling kind of bad about people I may have overlooked because all they wrote was a mere “Hello, [YOUR NAME HERE].” So, hey, here I go: “Hello, [HER NAME HERE].” Try this: After the third volley, make the call to action: “We can’t really learn about chemistry on an app, Want to grab a drink Thursday?

"This is my new infatuation," says the other one, handing over their smart phone to the other to peruse.

You can't just propose you now have to do it with a flash mob, a lip sync, a choreographed group of friends all with smart phones, gopros and action cams videoing every moment so a whole world of strangers can view it later. There's now companies to arrange your marriage proposal within an inch of it's Instagram life, lest the male (or female) dare to do something simply heart felt and private to the love of their life.

It's as bad as the classic engagement ring question - show us your rock, a.k.a how much did he spend on you?

And that's like by the way, not love, if that comes then it comes later, just in case Lycra man gets the wrong idea, again.

Lord knows the pressure for the 'perfect relationship' has been increased by a world of selfies and public displays of affection of the viral kind.

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