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This calculator is based on a fun article which appeared on MSN, written by Rachel Burge: “New ‘love formula’ reveals lover number five could be The One“. Burge presents the theoretical underpinnings of compatibility, and breaks down human monogamous tendencies to science (or at least surveys), by marrying big data to… Call it “Big Love”, “Horoscopes meet Moneyball” or whatever you like – MSN has some interesting data on what matters most when it comes to relationship length.

With a sample size of 2,000 people, it turns out that the most important factors in compatibility are:.

They work with Brook, a leading sexual health charity, to make sure all the content is top notch.

The Fumble gang say their lightbulb moment for the project came from being some of the first to grow up with the internet, and being very aware of the challenges that poses for young people.

Fosse is still like the last word in how to do this. It’s like he pulled off the impossible with that one. But I think it’s an essential point in understanding and empathizing with Fosse—that he got clobbered by sex too young. I mean, you think about those women in you think about almost any woman in a Fosse film—any woman is sexy and scary. That, to me, is the 13-year-old boy in Fosse: scared of sex and drawn to it.

Do you have any sense of Fosse’s place in contemporary Hollywood? Maybe that explains his hyper-sexualized choreography, in the way that some abuse victims process that experience by becoming hyper-sexualized. Which is really how he felt about show business—“I want this thing, but it’s killing me! He felt he himself was corrupted, and these are movies about corruption.

‘Young people turn to the internet with questions, and the internet responds with a whole load of unhealthy content,’ co-founder Emily Burt explains.

‘We want to redress the balance, and offer an alternative (and excellent) voice in the digital landscape.’ The site launched a few months ago and it’s pulling in thousands of pageviews.

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You could make a case that Fosse invented modern film grammar—the flashiness, the quick cutting, the atomization of scenes, the fucking around with time. I think a good example is Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, which we think of as the apex of early music-video style. It didn’t happen, but you could see what the thinking was. On the other hand, that is true to what his experience of was—What do I do with this hokey stuff? The film really captures his sense of desperation and despair before the lightbulb finally goes off. Fosse needed to feel like “I’m going to die,” and that literally is what the movie is about: “I’m going to die.” That was Bob; death was the motor, always.While glancing at the raw numbers, we noticed one man had purportedly slept with 1,000 people. Sadly, that means our calculator won’t provide you any info on how your behavior compares with that of people of your sexual orientation, just your age and gender. And there were some obvious signs that at least a few survey takers may have been fudging their answers a bit.Which brings us to the final issue: These figures are self-reported. For instance, round numbers are suspiciously popular.The team is currently running a crowdfunder to get the project up and running properly, and keen supporters of the idea have donated over two grand already.Fumble is running a social campaign alongside, asking people to share any horror stories from their sex and relationships education (SRE) in school, along with the hashtag #Why IFumble.

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