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A few feet away from them, their father Cam, short for Cameron, lay naked on the sun lounge, stroking his hard cock as he enjoyed the latest live family porno show taking place right in front of him."You two are superb," Cam said, the usual note of pride once again evident in his voice, his son and daughter's enthusiasm only too plain to see as Mark embedded his formidable prick deeper within the soft silky folds of his sibling's pussy, "each show you put on for your old dad is better than the last." Carrie flashed her father a smile of thanks, showing her perfect teeth, while juggling her tits in her hands, as Mark pulled out and she shifted her position, lifting one leg up on the sun lounge so that her foot brushed against Cam's legs.Cam licked his lips as he watched his son and daughter in action, they never failed to put on a show of supreme excellence, always giving one hundred per cent to their efforts as they performed, displaying all the confidence that years of belonging to a happy and loving incestuous family had taught them.Cam was all eyes as he watched the walls of Carrie's nubile cunthole encapsulating her brother's very experienced and very talented fuck pole in a vice-like grip while at the same time pushing back to meet head-on its every thrust.Welcome to lists only the best boy sites for you to enjoy fresh nude boys in hot oral action and anal sex.Bookmark us now and you�ll get masses of sweet young boys and the hottest teen sex in a variety of hot boy sites!" "Now now, Cam dear, don't be facetious," said Jem, putting on his best theatrrical voice, finely tuned from the many am dram productions he had appeared in over the years, "it doesn't become you.

" said Jem, "not that I expected you to be up to anything on a hot day like this.

"You knew full well what we'd be up to today, I bet," she added, having clearly heard Jem's tete-a-tete with her father, in spite of all the noise she and Mark were making.

"Or any other fucking day, knowing you lot," said Jem, leering wickedly at his niece and nephew as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his best friend and began masturbating the old todger, running his hand up and down the thick shaft, grateful that his cock, like Cam's, was still in full working order.

Their father tugged on his own experienced cock a little harder, causing another dribble of pre-cum to emerge from his pee hole, his son's arse cheeks clenching as his daughter took her brother's cock balls deep in her pussy.

At sixty years old, Cam was glad he was still capable of extracting maximum pleasure from his much-cherished endowment.

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