Nsi online dating contact number questions to ask dating christian

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If you have an account with another social network e.g.Facebook, you can share the data you have on our site with that network.If you provide feedback to us, or take part in any customer survey, or participate in competitions we, we will keep any information you provide.

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If you are reading this policy you are using one of our sites or apps.

We will collect your personal details including but not limited to your full real name, user name, address, telephone, email address, date of birth, race, religion, sexual orientation and any other information you submit when you create a profile and sign up to our Services.

If you contact customer support we will keep any information you provide to us including records of correspondence.

We own and/or operate a large number of social, dating, lifestyle and entertainment sites (including mobile applications/apps) through our Group Companies and Partner Sites.

We refer to our sites and apps as, collectively, the “Services” within this policy.

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