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Many anti-prostitution advocates hold that prostitutes themselves are often victims, arguing that prostitution is a practice which can lead to serious psychological and often physical long-term effects for the prostitutes.They may also argue that the act of prostitution is not by definition a fully consensual act, as they say that all prostitutes are "forced" to sell sex, either by somebody else or by the unfortunate circumstances of their lives (such as poverty, lack of opportunity, drug addiction, a history of childhood abuse or neglect, etc.).As of 2012, the Republic of Ireland is considering a similar model to that of the Nordic countries (Denmark excluded).that street prostitution is not victimless as it may damage the reputation and quality of life in the neighbourhood and diminish the value of property.

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A similar law was passed in Norway and in Iceland (in 2009).Some go through experiences that may result "in lasting feelings of worthlessness, shame, and self-hatred".De Marneffe further argues that this may affect the prostitute's ability to perform sexual acts for the purpose of building a trusting intimate relationship, which may be important for their partner.In many jurisdictions prostitution —the commercial exchange of sex for money, goods, service, or some other benefit agreed upon by the transacting parties— is illegal, while in others it is legal, but surrounding activities, such as soliciting in a public place, operating a brothel, and pimping, may still be illegal.In many jurisdictions where prostitution is legal, it is regulated, in others it is unregulated.

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