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The morphologies associated with the human anatomy, both healthy and pathological, present a significant variance in size and shape that a medical device might have to integrate with.

Being able to describe these morphologies and produce in vitro test specimens for validation of computational models is essential.

The three day event Age of Wonder hosted though-provoking ideas, new insights and most of all a dedicated and diverse audience.

To revive the positive vibes of the festival we hereby share some impressions, video's and reviews.

Photographer Sas Schilten made a series of photos during the weekend.

A report about Nick Bostrom's Superintelligence by lecture here.

Investigation of control architecture that can drive a high performance centrifugal pump to replicate the affinity curves of a given design.

Thank you all for your great work and service to this lab.

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Coupled with a high speed storage system, this is the optimal system to conduct complex CAD design with.Producing a high fidelity in vitro environment to assess medical devices is critical to the safety and performance assessment made in the early stages of development.In terms of the cardiovascular system, the circulatory system is highly variable and subject to rapid changes.For our Dutch readers, there are plenty of reviews such as the report by Simone de Vos.Also Gonzo-circus wrote a collaborative post which can be read online.

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