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3, 2002 | Site: Shasta College Memorial Stadium, Redding, California Of note: Rodgers' eyes lit up at the first mention of a play that took place more than 14 years ago, a couple of months after he graduated from high school. Prompt: You had a long run in a high school all-star game (58 seconds into the video above) ...

Rodgers: It was a third-and-10, and they brought six [rushers]. We had four receivers, so we didn't have it picked up. Since they brought six, it was man-to-man on the outside. I dashed up the middle, cut to my left, made a guy miss, got a couple blocks and ended up scoring in the left end zone.

Likewise, he smoothly handled the breaking news that he’s dating an ESPN sideline reporter named Samantha Steele (she’s the taller one on the left). ” Ponder said Friday when he noticed a crowd around his locker, via Tom Pelissero of 1500

“Good Lord.” For a quarterback to date pretty and/or famous people is nothing new, and it’s also impossible to conceal in a Twitter world.

-- They're all in there, tucked neatly away, deep inside Aaron Rodgers' brain. He can recount the circumstances, decisions and sequences of events for virtually every significant football play of his life.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback -- the NFL's best QB, in my view -- doesn't simply produce elite-level plays on a weekly basis. Rodgers has put this recall on display in other arenas, most notably by winning a celebrity version of the television game show "Jeopardy." In a recent interview, he admitted he occasionally has baffled childhood friends by producing play-by-play of their middle school basketball games.

"The great ones have the ability to focus and tune everything else out and see more than the others. Guys like Aaron, they see it all in a methodical way, and it's almost as if it happens so slowly that it has time to get etched in their brains."Rodgers said the skill is about nothing more than remembering "the things that are most important to you" and considers it a function of his perfectionist nature."You want to be perfect," he said, "and a lot of those moments are either close to perfect or they're pretty far away."I was intrigued enough this summer to put together a list of plays from Rodgers' football life, dating back to his high school years.

After a late-August training camp practice, he set aside 15 minutes to run through as many of them as we could.

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I hurt my knee in high school, and I wanted to take off my brace to see if I'd built up my knee enough to protect my ACL that I had hurt in my sophomore year in high school. In a 48-21 Butte victory over Shasta, Rodgers threw six touchdown passes. 7, 2002 | Site: Butte College, Oroville, California Of note: This play, in the 2002 Holiday Bowl against San Joaquin Delta College, came in Rodgers' final junior college game before he transferred to California.

(After his team's thrilling divisional playoff win last Sunday in Dallas, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked an obvious question.

Was his 35-yard pass to tight end Jared Cook -- the stunning, across-his-body sideline rope that put the Packers in position for the winning field goal -- the best throw of his career? "I've made better ones." This was not a moment of reflexive humility.

After taking a moment, he listed all six in the correct order. Prompt: You threw a long touchdown down the middle for Butte to No. 4, 2011 | Site: Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey Of note: As the Giants' middle linebacker, Blackburn was assigned to cover the deep middle.

Local newspaper reports of the game corroborate his account. Then I hit Bobby on "Syracuse" and then Garrett again on "Oregon," which was a backside corner route. 6 at around the time you announced a transfer to Cal ... In this instance, he covered the wrong receiver -- who happened to be Rodgers' read based on play design and the coverage -- and intercepted the pass. 2014 | Site: Soldier Field, Chicago Of note: A top 10 in NFL history of plays that didn't count.

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