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It lingers long enough for you to get a full picture of exactly how you were killed.

It also means that the players you kill have access to the same information and will most likely seek retribution once they spawn.

Headshots are a great place to aim if you back yourself to aim small, hit small, but centre mass is generally the best option, particularly against proficient players who won’t stand still for long enough for you to refine your aim.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your primary weapon and adjust your tactics to suit.

There are a variety of Mercs on offer that suit specific play styles but there’s a lot more going on beneath the hood.

He also happens to carry a slow-firing semi-automatic rifle (on his default loadout) that flags he’s designed to be used at range.Similarly, medics like Aura should work best just behind the frontline, while tanks such as Rhino should be the first Merc your advancing enemies see.Going into a round, you can select three Mercs to have in your deck for switching between in any given mode.ADS is a luxury you can rarely afford, so get used to breaking those contemporary shooter habits and shoot from the hip almost exclusively.It’s the easiest way to preserve your field of view and track targets, and the accuracy advantage afforded by ADS isn’t enough to motivate players to take careful aim.

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