My daughter is dating a non muslim

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At the liquor store all I saw were people come in and go out buying booze to get drunk or buy zig-zags to smoke weed, while at the graveyard shift working at fast food all I saw were people drunk or high coming to eat because they had “the munchies”.The customers first went to the liquor store to get their high and then came to eat to satisfy their bellies believing that they were living the life.

The word used is here is ' Mushrikat' meaning idol-worshiper, pagans or polytheists, By this verse alone a Muslim man or WOMAN can marry a non- Mushrik ie a woman or a MAN, respectively from ‘ahlal kitab’, the term which the Koran specifically uses to address, the Jewish people and Christians.

My daughter is 6 months pregnant i found out when she was 4 months pregnant and have been trying to do the right thing ever since.

My question is will her marriage be accpeted in the eyes of Allah if she gets married to this boy??? I will mention he is learning islam as we speak so i am trying to make things right as much as i can so Allah can accept her marriage and forgive her for her wrongs.

plz help me someone hope a muslim sheikh reads this. When it comes to our religion i will never but out i will always tell her whats right and wrong this is my duty as a a religion issue that i haveasked for help not a parenting issue i have 6 kids and i am well aware of how to parent my child!!!! i have posted this for help not to be put down thnx very much It is very easy to judge sitting on the outside...i heard alot of stories very close to mine when my kids were young and used to say Allah help them and guide them the right path and guide my children, but could never imagine what it felt like.

Now it has happened to me and i am in a battle deep in..all go...

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