Most intimidating sports uniforms

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A basketball school that is slowly becoming pretty adept at football too, Duke's uniforms have the feel of the old days, before youngin's came up with these fancy chrome helmets and highlighter colors. And their uniforms match their field; how many NCAA teams can say that?The simple double stripe on the shoulder pads and pants tie the whole set together. Ohio State's scarlet and gray scheme is one of the most recognizable in the game.UCLA debuted these "LA Midnight" alternates last year, and to be quick and to the point, they are awesome. Even if Braxton Miller won't be playing this year, OSU fans are at least able to watch their team take the field in uniforms that continue to look terrific, year in and year out.They're an intense twist from their normal blue and gold jerseys, but they work. Auburn's helmet and uniforms have been unchanged for quite some time; let's hope they keep it that way.So, here is a beginner’s guide that can help you create a killer uniform; a catalyst to jumpstart your legacy of excellence.Consider Material There is an extensive variety of uniform materials here at Pro Look.

It may not be statistically proven, but we’re pretty damn positive that looking good means playing good.

There’s a reason why ESPN ranks Boston, Pittsburgh, and Chicago as the top three best-dressed cities in terms of uniforms.

Those three cities have created a legacy of excellence.

There are some things to consider when creating and buying a uniform for your team.

Obviously not all uniforms are created equal and the creative process can be a bit overwhelming at first.

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