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Even though she wanted to get pleasured, I don't think this was how it was supposed to happen in her head. As I entered my mom, I could feel my dick pushing back all of the cum that my friends pumped in my mom. This made it even easier to fuck her as she was so wet inside. I wiggled my dick around in her pussy to mix all my friends and my cum together.She gasped as she wasn't expecting to get the full length so soon.She struggled to get some air in her mouth and since her hands were tied up, she decided to move her head backwards and as she was about to do that, I grabbed her hair and forced her head to stay in one position. She started gagging a lot she lost control of her saliva in her mouth and it flew across the floor and on my balls. Her eyes opened wide at this surprise and she started to choke on my dick.Oh wait you can't say anything can you because my man Troy is deepthroating you.Well I guess I'll take that as a yes then." Said Cole as he stuck his dick in her pussy. " Screamed Dan while pumping inside my mom in short bursts.

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