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During his treatment, he was noticeably thinner and had lost his hair, which he hid with a cap or bandana. Hall playing the title character, the show's supporting cast includes Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter's adoptive sister and co-worker (and later boss) Debra, and James Remar as Dexter's adoptive father, Harry Morgan.Dexter's co-workers include Lauren Vélez as Lieutenant (later Captain) María La Guerta, Dexter and Debra's supervisor, David Zayas as Detective Sergeant (later Lieutenant) Angel Juan Marcos Batista, and C. Lee as lab tech Vince Masuka (promoted to title credits in season two).It was written by Tim Schlattmann and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz and David Mack.

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KTV Media International Bullseye Art produced and animated the webisodes, working closely with Showtime for sound editing, Interspectacular for direction, and illustrators Kyle Baker, Ty Templeton, Andrés Vera Martínez, and Devin Lawson for creating distinctive illustrations.

Each victim's story is split into four two-minute chapters.

A second season of the web series titled Dexter: Early Cuts: Dark Echo, one story in six chapters, premiered on October 25, 2010.

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