Meeting in person after online dating

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If one or both of you have ignored danger signs in emails and phone calls, the face-to-face meeting will be the moment when you realise the mistake you’ve made..

Sadly, we often have very high expectations; because emails and phone calls are held at a distance, they may have been genuinely delightful there may have been no danger signals to ignore. This may seem brutal, but is far better than showing fake enthusiasm to be polite, then sending a dumping email when back home.

In future, weed out unsuitable candidates earlier – be more aware of what you’re really seeing in profiles, emails and phone calls.

Learn to become a better detective at spotting the small clues that spell incompatibility.

Short meetings – coffee, one drink, in a public place – are better than setting aside a whole evening or weekend.

If most of your face-to-face meetings end in disaster, you need to rethink your strategy.

Most likely you’re setting your bar for meeting a partner too low.

They bear repeating because after several emails and phone calls there is a (false) feeling of knowing someone far better than you actually do.

So however much rapport there is: Dress well, not over-formally, not over casually and well-groomed.

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