Mandating organ donation

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The Model, or Stages of Change framework, will be applied through a 33-item questionnaire self-administered to students in randomly selected classes within each school.

Indicators of behavioral change will be tracked and measured at pre- and post-tests periods in the treatment and control groups.

An educational web-based intervention targeting children was developed by a Michigan team.

"The Transplant Journey" leads users through the transplant process, highlighting both information about human biology as well as the impact of organ transplants on people's lives.

At least two studies related to donor awareness among high-school students were supported by “The Breakthrough Collaborative”: Grantee: University of Washington and Hope Heart Institute, Seattle, WAProject Title: Building upon previously published piloted studies conducted by the investigators, a culturally-sensitive health education intervention will employ quasi-experimental techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of a 40-minute health education session design to measure students’ knowledge, opinions, and behaviors related to the organ donation/transplantation process.

This classroom-based intervention is to be administered separately in 12 Seattle area high schools selected for their racial/ethnic and income diversity.

These interventions have focused on educating school-aged children in high-school settings.

This began with the development of an organ donation curriculum to educate teachers about the issue.

The project then contrasted the effect of having the project team lead classroom presentations and discussions against teacher-led programs.

Both groups were given t-shirts and other incentives for their participation in the study. Both the control and intervention groups increased in their intent to donate, as measured by pre/post surveys.

(Pre-test surveys were administered two weeks before the intervention and post-tests were administered immediately after the intervention.) However, knowledge did increase in one set of intervention group schools (n = 5).

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