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“Jen had a cameo where she was a waitress who had a bit of chemistry with my character, and we hit it off on-set, and then Jen pitched to me the idea of having a spinoff of where our two characters were dating.

And then, as we got into the brainstorming process, it just made more sense to start fresh with totally new characters and a new story, to give us the freedom to go in whatever direction we wanted." Zak's first web series about lesbian Internet dating, lasted two seasons and was based entirely in Chicago.

Trying to be authentic in a role, really having issues about having to use the full range of my voice, to the full extent, such as if the director asked me to scream. “Maybe if there’s a season 2, we’ll see someone realize that Paige has this musical talent." all came together caught Ross by surprise, she explains.

“I was really shocked," she says, describing how her then-roommate, Richards, worked quietly on the project. “I will unabashedly sleep my way through Hollywood,” Richards adds, “if it means getting great trans content made, and you can fucking quote me on that!

But then, you spot a newcomer, alone at the bar, a scripted Web series that locks eyes with you, luring you away from the rest with a story that's sorely missing from the current media love affair with everything trans.

Created and produced by a team of trans women, the new series aims to tell, for the first time, than four words featured on the home page for the forthcoming Web series: Simply, the series aims to tell "a story about women." “These are characters struggling for their place in the world," says cocreator and costar Jen Richards.

“I think the good thing about the Web series is it gives you so much freedom, content-wise, because there really isn’t anyone other than the production company policing the content," Zak explains.

In the series, Paige opens up to a straight man about her trans identity as they begin dating.

I haven’t seen a friendship between a black girl and a white girl [who are both trans].

All these things that were normal for us, our everyday experiences, that we never get to see on television.” Ross agrees, eager to show off her theatrical skills: “This is the first project I’ve been able to participate in, as someone who has been acting and studied theater in college and been in musical theater forever, when I used to go on casting calls, I was very much in stealth [not disclosing my trans identity].

“We met on the set of ” says Richards, referring to the Web series in which Zak debuted as a writer and actor.

“And I wanted to spend more time with her and I thought this was a good way to do that.” “That really is the origin story, a ‘meet cute’ in Chicago,” adds Zak.

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