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At Olympic Games and World Championships, seven lifters per country may participate, with a maximum of two lifters per category.

The organization’s new name is “Fédération Internationale Haltérophile et Culturiste", in short FIHC.

The first “Barbell-Summit” with the companies manufacturing the weightlifting barbells took place.

The IWF used its right to issue licenses and to specify the kind of equipment at important international competitions.

Diameter of the bar is 28 mm; distance of the bar between the discs is 1.31 m; height from the ground 21 cm; length of the bar 2.20m.New categories are valid: for men 56-62-69-77-85-94-105-over 105 kg, for women: 48-53-58-63-69-75-over 75 kg.1st World Championships for University and College Students (Women 37 lifters,11 nations, Men 50 lifters, 11 nations).4th March, IWF Congress, Istanbul: With effect of 1st May, the weight of the barbell must always be a multiple of 1.0 kg.A World Record is only valid if it exceeds the previous one (individual lift or total) by 1.0 kg.

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