Lara spencer and pat obrien dating

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LUNCH I'm on the set at 11 a.m., waiting for Pat O' Brien to get onstage in Los Angeles so we can shoot our bicoastal show.

I look back three years ago, doing "Access Hollywood," and some story would come up, and I'd be like, "Oh, these people, these celebrities, how can they not ba-ba-ba-ba whatever,"' said Bush.'So that became the moment of real awakening, and it went on from there.Shortly after he entered rehab, seeking treatment again three years later in 2008, but again returning to the show.It was an email he wrote about his co-host Lara Spencer, who is now on 'Good Morning America,' that led to his downfall.A rep for the show confirmed to Page Six that O'Brien was fired.The e-mail read: "Hi, folks, I just spent a couple of days in Iowa - I'm a little bit of a favorite son there - and I spoke with maybe a thousand people and was very hands-on.

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