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David Anderson, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute. “One of the big lessons we want to be sending to kids at any age is that that there are two people to consider here.

So often when sexual assault or any kind of unwanted attention occurs it’s because the person applying the pressure is so focused on their own wants,” Dr. For kids to truly understand consent, he says, they need to view others with empathy — something that doesn’t always come naturally during the self-centered years of adolescence.

The stereotype of non-consensual sex includes a woman repeatedly saying “No,” and a man who ignores what she says and acts, perhaps violently. “When one or both parties are feeling some kind of pressure, they may end up doing something they regret,” says Dr. Parents should address the dangerous role of pressure — feeling or applying it — when it comes to consent.

Consent is an important thing for all kids to learn, but for boys the lesson is often more complicated — and more vital.

From a very young age boys and girls begin to get different — and often conflicting — messages about sex, and what is (and isn’t) acceptable behavior.

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