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In the second verse of Jay-Z’s iconic “99 Problems,” the threat of approaching police dogs is the trump card in Hova’s argument with a shady cop who’s hip to the contraband in the rapper’s car.Despite Jay’s regrettable use of a term meaning female dog to boast of his facility with the ladies, K-9s are decidedly among Mr. I understand that sniffer dogs, like the dogs of slaveowners, are instruments and not agents of oppression, but the most fervent dog admirers anthropomorphize their pets to the point of framing them as moral actors.Owning a dog is an inadequate dress rehearsal for playing the stalwart of a person who has bad days and bad breath, divergent taste in movies and restaurants, who suffers career setbacks and loses loved ones.Taking care of Fido shouldn’t be equated with devotion to someone who is not so easily cornered into contrition, schooled into obedience, or bribed into silence.This means I can’t so readily dismiss the fact that dogs have served as white supremacy’s trusty accomplices.

In a season six episode of , unrepentant sadist Ramsay Bolton suffers his long overdue comeuppance when Sansa Stark feeds him to his own dogs.I just wonder if there’s something dangerous about championing a dependent, hierarchical relationship as an ideal realization of love or friendship.It seems to me that what is both most challenging and most appealing about love is the willful surrender to the thrall of a fallible, mutable being who is one’s equal and not one’s subordinate.Frenzied dog worship can hover dangerously close to being anti-humanist, or a sanitized version of misanthropy dressed up as a saccharine weakness for fur and four legs.It’s not uncommon for a Tinder user to smugly profess a preference for animals over people, a sentiment that seems anodyne at first, but has some pretty dark implications when I catch myself playing a game of “Who do you think America reviles more?

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