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These discussion topics are planned by teachers and scheduled in advance for the entire school year." (As discussed below, Saturday courses were officially done away with in 2002 but many schools have either kept them or are trying to bring them back.) In most schools, there are two types of extracurricular clubs: These clubs are an important chance for students to make friends and learn the social etiquette and relationships like the "senpai" (senior)/"kohai" (junior) dynamic that will be important in their adult lives.

many schools have begun to bring them back to have more time to cover the rigorous material required by the Ministry of Education.

He is now taking his case against the DWP to a benefits tribunal.Students in the highest grades of elementary, junior high, and senior high schools also take trips lasting up to several days to culturally important cities such as Kyoto and Nara, ski resorts, or other places.Because of the importance of these exams in entering high school — even more than the scholastic record and performance evaluations from lower-secondary school — students are closely counselled in lower-secondary school so that they will be relatively assured of a place in the schools to which they apply.Students are expected to have mastered daily routines and acceptable behavior.All course contents are specified in the Course of Study for Lower-Secondary Schools.

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