Iwab0380e errors were encountered while validating xml schemas

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Meanwhile the company who created the WSDL uses another SOAP client and they don't see the errors, just the partial WSDL.

When I hit the same URL with a web browser it shows the XML, but it is about 1/8 of the original file size (5k instead of 42k).

As I understand it, wsimport, rather than wsdl2java is what he should be using? Also, if he is using jax-ws annotations, while I understand he can still use a services.xml, just to have axis2 use his wsdl, he just needs to set his @Web Service annotation’s wsdl Location parameter.

Please correct me if I am wrong, I might not know what I am talking about, but this might clear up my understanding as well.

Jsp Servlet.service Jsp File(Jsp Servlet.java:314) at org.apache.jasper.servlet.

Jsp Servlet.service(Jsp Servlet.java:264) at javax. Http Servlet.service(Http Servlet.java:820) at org.eclipse.jasper. Jsp Servlet.service(Jsp Servlet.java:112) at javax. Http Servlet.service(Http Servlet.java:820) at org.eclipse.registry.internal. Servlet Manager$Servlet Wrapper.service(Servlet Manager.java:180) at org.eclipse.servlet.internal. Servlet Registration.handle Request(Servlet Registration.java:90) at org.eclipse.servlet.internal. Proxy Servlet.process Alias(Proxy Servlet.java:111) at org.eclipse.servlet.internal. Proxy Servlet.service(Proxy Servlet.java:75) at javax. Http Servlet.service(Http Servlet.java:820) at org.eclipse.jetty.internal. Http Server Manager$Internal Http Service Servlet.service(Http Server Manager.java:318) at org.mortbay.jetty.servlet. As Keith said, the Web Services explorer does have support for interacting with UDDI registries.

I also wondered if it was because of some networking/firewall issues, but the referenced target Namespace is pingable from the development machine and server. Maybe I have some mis-matched JAR files - at least on the server I used findjar to solve Java problems.

At this point I'm grasping at straws to identify where the problem is happening (within JAX-WS? The problem with that theory is that My Eclipse's internal server should be JAR-consistent but has the same problems serving the WSDL. -Chris --------- part of errors reported from SOAP Explorer: IWAB0380E Errors were encountered while validating XML schemas.

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I have a jboss server and juddi v3 installed on it. Http Jsp Base.service(Http Jsp Base.java:97) at javax.The couple of brief examples of files I've found look to recreate the basic definitions in the WSDL file, so I'm here in part to ask for any good references to hand-crafting files - primarily about what I need to include so the whole thing still works. with my setup will it even try to read the file since the basic web services have worked so far (just not successfully with complex types)?So is the XML at the end of this a complete file where the WSDL has a line: It seems to me that the original poster is using JAX-WS.The web service explorer can works for many of them, but when I tested and entered: Then enter your inquiry URL (probably and press "Go".wsdl I can't open the wsdl in the web service explorer and get the second error in the console of my eclipse. When we try the Inquiry URL ( we get an exception like this... ,434 ERROR [SOAPFault Helper JAXRPC] SOAP request exception

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