Ipod apps updating but isnt progressing

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And while there hasn’t yet been any widespread reports of the same happening with Sierra, there’s a chance you might run into the same issue this time around.

Even if the download works ok, you may accidentally pull the power plug and run out of battery power, interrupting the installation process.

Either way, you can try a few things to get apps working again.

Firstly, try updating the app you’re trying to use.

While you should get a great experience from mac OS Sierra, you may encounter the odd issue – which is why we’re here.

You can then restart the Mac and start the download again.With any new operating system you can bet there’ll be some issues with apps functioning properly on the new software.You might get a message popping up telling you an app can’t be opened, or you may just experience buggy usage.All you have to do is either check the App Store for an update, or go into i Tunes and click on i Tunes in the menu bar, then on ‘Check for Updates’.Now, just follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version.

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