Intimidating way

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Once people have the balls to talk to us or even say, "Hi," intimidating women start to open themselves to a certain extent.

After hanging out and getting to know people, we start to show that we are more than just our Resting B%#@$ Face.

At first glance, intimidating women are people who give off an attitude and have a constant Resting B%#@$ face.

Most of the time, we have RBF in order to file out the weak people in our lives.

The line is constantly changing its shape awhile goals and plans tend to come and go from time to time.

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Yes, there probably is a certain limit in support that a partner can give to an intimidating woman; however, it is undetermined what the average limit is to an intimidating woman.

When my friends got to know me, they found out that I have a very dry sense of humor with a loud cackle.

If any of you are within the LMU Film School during the weekdays, I guarantee you will hear a loud cackling laugh every now and then. When people talk to an intimidating woman for the first time, they believe that they are always being judged by the woman.

If we want to have children at age forty, we will plan a way with or without a guy.

A life as an intimidating woman is not a planned life on a straight line.

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