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Our team went 37-2 this season, winning 2 invitational tournaments, a showcase tournament with the top 6 teams in NJ, our league, county, state sectional, and overall state championship.

I am so thankful of the inspiration and knowledge I received at your coaching clinic. Please let the entire staff know of our accomplishments and my appreciation for all of their help!

Concentration, when controlled, is the key to performance excellence.

However, if you lose control of your focus and concentrate on the wrong things either before or during your game then you will undermine your confidence, make yourself nervous and underachieve.

I was reminded today of your connection to your former players in my own emotion. I was honored to be in the audience." "Each fall we bring in the GMS crew to help our coaching staff prepare for the upcoming club season. This volleyball clinic always leaves us fired up and ready to attack the club season. I am a soccer player and coach so I was a bit intimidated attending this clinic.

Both Mike and Tom took the time to answer our questions and apply the keys and principles to our level of play.

Our staff will go in to this club volleyball season more confident than we have ever been. " "In the 15 year history of our club, we had two previous qualifier wins when we had a 14's team in 2004 win Lone Star and and in 2007, our 17's team won NEQ.

That is, are you able to stay calm and composed under pressure?

If you go into a game too nervous, you’ll play tentatively, make a lot of mistakes and come out of it bitterly disappointed.

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