Internet teen dating risks dating violence stats

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But sadly nature does take a hold and I'm well into menopause now.Although we tried nowt came about so we are getting a puppy instead I'm 40 and I've got a 5 month old baby.

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I am generally well but think about being pregnant a lot. I guess I worry that I will regret it if we don't but is it selfish to want another at my age? I have had it in my head that 40 is the age to stop but it hasn't happened yet.I think the only thing stopping me having another really is the financial aspect, rather than my age. A new baby would change all that again, not to mention the lack of sleep (I love my sleep!I conceived really quickly, within about 6 months of trying. ) I also think back to how hard I found it having a baby around at the beginning, and the emotional roller coster that comes with it, like their first day at nursery, their first day at school , their first day at anything really!!It's true risk grow as you grow older but it's odd to think 39 OK but 3 years later definitely not.Whether you are 20 or 50 there's no guarantee, you just have to decide what it is you want and are able to give to this child.

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