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• Go on a man-cation: Hit a tourist hot spot with a friend who shares your relationship sentiments.Places like Vegas are famous for groups of singles looking to have weekend affairs.The upside is that you can meet at her place and you have one less partner you have to plan your liaisons around. The moment you start thinking that you're too smart to get caught, you're going to get caught. Unless you were both drunk and you can both pretend it was a mistake, affairs are a very difficult thing to arrange. Don't exaggerate and say your spouse is a horrible bitch and that you're going to leave her, unless you are.They involve feeling the other person out and plenty of flirting. • Don't write about how to cheat under your real name. There's no law saying you have to stay in a shitty marriage, or that you have to get married at all.Your husband can request your phone records, but he can’t review messages or voice mails unless you're stupid enough to keep them for sentimental purposes. Assuming that you're only cheating for the sexual gratification, remember that your wife comes first.

It’s called Lonely and Horny, and it stars Blumenfeld as Ruby, an abrasive nerd desperately swiping his way across Los Angeles. You guys played the same characters for eight years. So intend of like, 800 three-minute videos, why not make ten-by-ten. hen we were shooting for College Humor, we were both directors, we were both actors, we were both writers. You had to both drive to a car, both valet your car.

Don't be the asshole who only gives her flowers after you get caught.

• Don’t cheat if you’re wealthy and gearing up for a divorce.

While you won't be able to come up with a convincing reason to justify an affair (at least one that satisfies your partner), you can reduce the chances of getting caught, and thereby limit the need to spew such pathetic excuses.

What follows are tips I've gathered from the private eyes at ISG who specialize in cheating spouses, my wife (who claims she has cheated on all of her partners excluding me), and my own dabblings at the edge of desire. Admit that you went over to a male co-worker's house for a drink.

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