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All of us, at sometime during our life, will experience anger, resentment, anxiety, depressed mood, feeling lost without purpose or direction, trapped in dysfunctional behavioral patterns, damage to our self-esteem, marital conflicts , family discord, and/or relational problems.If we mismanage our emotions or react poorly to adverse circumstances, we can inadvertently feed and strengthen painful emotions and develop problematic behavioral problems.Unfortunately, in my professional roles over the past 45 years, I have found that many mental health and chemical dependency professionals are either unaware of and/or reject the Bible as a source of direction, hope, power, and health for healing.Often they reject what they do not know or understand.When I was director of the Lakeland Institute, one of the 100 best treatment centers in the United States for alcohol/drug rehab, I contracted with an outside firm to do research on what differentiated individuals who had ongoing successful recovery, with total absence from alcohol and drugs, from individuals who continued to struggle unsuccessfully with repeated relapses.At the time I was not very spiritual, and considered myself to be agnostic.It is my belief that I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to bring relief to the hurting through the message of the Bible, to bring believers back to seeking guidance for their lives through the Bible, and to obtain donations to support those organizations that are the hands and feet of Christ in this world.Anxiety, damaged self-esteem, depression, anger, marital, sexual, family, parenting, relational, and life dominating problems can be effectively resolved from a clear understanding and obedience to Biblical precepts.

I have chosen to disseminate this book throughout the English-speaking world at no charge.

These two factors taken together were even more important than the role of professional therapy.

I was a mental health therapist long before I became a Christian.

Most individuals get lost in their search for answers to their problems.

They look everywhere including sociology, psychology, medicine, literature, friends, following their own feelings, basing decisions on their personal experiences, turning to fortunetellers, or relying on the most current professional therapeutic treatment fads, but ignore the wisdom of the Bible.

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