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Back in the mid-1980s, Majima and yakuza member Taiga Saejima are ordered to kill the Ueno family head and anyone who gets in their way.

Saejima, unable to find Majima outside the building, kills the family and is captured.

Other new characters include Junji Sugiuchi (Kenichi Endou), a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department detective; Hiroaki Arai (Ikki Sawamura), a Tojo Clan yakuza; Seishirō Munakata (Kinya Kitaoji), a high-ranking police officer and a woman, Lily (Maju Ozawa).

Returning characters are Haruka Sawamura, Goro Majima, Makoto Date, Daigo Dojima and Goh Hamazaki.

During the escape, Hamazaki and Saejima dive from the prison wall into the ocean and are separated.

A woman resembling his former lover, who call herself Lily, comes to his office.

Twenty-five years later, Saejima's execution is approaching.

He meets Goh Hamazaki, imprisoned for the attempted murder of Kiryu, and they plan to escape.

It’s compelling, informative and absolutely everyone should see it.

Available mini-games are pachinko, fishing, onsen, table tennis, hanafuda and karaoke, including duets with non-player characters (NPCs).

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