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He told him not to look in the land of Canaanites, whom Noah previously placed a curse upon, but in Abraham’s own land and among his own relatives (v. When Abraham’s servant had arrived near the spring in the town of Nahor, he prayed that the Lord would reveal to him the woman whom He had chosen for Isaac (vv.12-14).God led the steps of Abraham’s servant directly to the place, at the proper time, for him to meet the woman whom God had already set aside for Isaac.In modern times, Christian singles meet and date through church, at social events, in the marketplace, through friends and relatives, and at work.Online dating sites provide a meeting place for single Christians who may be too busy or too introverted to meet people through traditional means.But before you access any online dating site, make sure you consider the following: Make sure you are spiritually, mentally, and financially ready for dating. A person that is not fortified in the Lord may be subject to sexual temptation, financial temptation and other harmful vices.Just because a person is a Christian does not mean that the person has the attributes and character of an ideal mate.You must use Holy Spirit discernment as to the “where” and “how” you search for a mate.In Genesis 24, Abraham gave his servant direction as to where to search for a wife for his son Isaac.

When I pulled up the site on the Internet, the home page included a Scripture quotation and makes an appeal to the viewer to “Find God’s Match for you.” A further examination of this site reveals that it is owned by a company that has several niche dating sites, including one for Jewish singles, and others for black singles and military singles.The scripture in Matthew -34 seems to support this view.Conversely, there are those who believe that a high level of effort and searching are necessary to find a spouse.And it includes endorsements from several pastors and ministers from around the country.Obviously the site has gone through great lengths to present itself as a legitimate resource for online Christian socializing and dating. Can God really use an online dating site to help a Christian man or woman find their mate for life?

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