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-- Rory and Lorelai are still fighting, and she's crashing at Lane's and working at the Stars Hollow Gazette and still feeling rootless. Toad's Wild Ride to be specific, in a gorgeous, musical spectacle that Amy Sherman-Palladino directed the out of.It's a beautiful story of Lorelai's thirteenth birthday, when a boy broke her heart and she ran away from school and ran into Richard at the mall.She cried and was so scared she was in trouble, but her dad just bought her a pretzel, took her to two movies and never told Emily.Emily is so, so touched that Lorelai shared this with her.It's a fair point, but I feel kinda bad for the guy.He doesn't seem to care too much, though, because he's Christopher.The flash mobs: Lorelai's is to Frankie Goes to Hollywood. That's all we need to know about Luke and Lorelai. Never had experience with that myself.” So that's it. Give me your theories on Rory's future (and Lorelai's and Emily's, though they seem pretty settled) in the comments!

They get married with Rory, Lane and Michel by their sides, and I cry. She has no energy in her life left for Ray Wise or the DAR, for "artifice or bullshit." Yes, Emily has learned a new word, and that word is "bullshit." And she uses it generously at a DAR meeting, telling off the old biddies and strutting out munching on a cookie like the sassiest queen on Planet Earth.It's so good to see her, and she and Lorelai feel just exactly right together. " "Still best friends." I'm so glad she's back!Also she can smell every chef who's been in her kitchen since she's been gone, because she is terrifying.She's designing Lorelai's wedding dress, of course.Poor Christopher: he gets a cameo just for Rory to grill him on why he was such a lax dad.

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