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There are pictures of her boarding a plane, on a boat, on holiday in Madeira.

But most of them have one thing in common: she's alone; no friends; no boyfriends, although she had a number of relationships at college. Behind her fashionable appearance, behind the glitzy trips abroad, behind the brains and the beauty, Lavinia Woodward had descended into a sordid and potentially dangerous world.'She consumed an obscene amount of cocaine,' the former college friend said.

One female contemporary, in the same accommodation block, asked to be moved after Woodward physically assaulted her in the street for no other reason, it seems, than she saw her chatting to an ex-boyfriend.

Another (male) student reported Woodward to the police after she made violent threats against him when he tried to help her overcome her cocaine problem.

Surely, there can't be many undergraduates, male or female, at any university, let alone Oxford, who could induce such trepidation among their peers.

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Not surprisingly, the case also provoked a furious backlash on social media.One girl who did get to know Woodward thought she was 'very cool' and likeable, to begin with. 'She insisted she didn't have a problem, that it was just 'recreational'.'But she would often just leave the room then return and behave manically.Sometimes she would start taking cocaine at 10am just to get her through the day.'A number of 'really unpleasant people' regularly came to see her at Christ Church, including one man who wore a gold chain around his neck and a dark hoodie.It comes as it was alleged that Woodward attacked her Tinder date, Thomas Fairclough, on two other occasions, according to The Sun.The newspaper reports the student faced two further accusations of assault against Mr Fairclough.

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