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Bodybuilding is not an easy sport and relationships are often sacrificed at the expense of achieving one's best shape and higher placements.

Conversely, bodybuilding relationships can be desirable, depending on those involved, since a certain level of understanding and empathy is often required for a bodybuilder to work through the hard times they must inevitably endure on their road to the top.

Kai is completely different from the other men I have dated or have had any kind of relationship with; he is a sweet person with a beautiful heart, he is so loving, funny, playful, sensitive, honest and respectful. He is not perfect but he is a wonderful man and that's why I love him so much - exactly what I was looking for David. Like I said before, Kai trains very hard and concentrates on every muscle group and also the movement he is doing.

And don't forget he had a wonderful coach named Oscar Ardon, who I met at the Arnold. He is a good person with a big heart; an easy going man who doesn't talk bad about people is nice to talk to: just a wonderful man. I saw some of his beautiful work and gorgeous paintings. What drives us to be the best bodybuilders on the planet is the fact Kai and I love a challenge and the better we look the more improvement we want, it's crazy but that's how we are. He does give me tips on my posing, and I listen because this man is the best poser in the world.

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All I can say, even if Iris wasn't at the sideline, is that nothing will stop me from winning the Ms.

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Right now I weight 150-pounds off-season, while still looking good. But at the NYC Pro show he will be around 260-268 pounds and very sharp.

He has always surprised everybody by bringing a better package each time he competes.

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