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Thirty minutes later, they emerge, satisfied smiles etched across their faces as they make their payment, wave their goodbyes and disappear into the night.

The women engage in ordinary banter, occasionally interrupted by the shrill ringing of the phone.

Still, it’s not been enough to escape the tough economic times “It’s been quiet lately.

But she opens up when she realises we share something in common -motherhood - and cautiously tells her story.

It’s the same ritual - women are selected before accompanying the men to the rooms leading out of the lounge, and business is concluded 30 minutes later.

It’s a fascinating insight into the oldest profession in the world - controlled and carried out by women.

I haven’t told anyone in my family about what I do. “I’ve always wanted to become a journalist,” she says. “It would also allow for more transparent access to health care without fear of being judged, and regular checks so that there is greater control of disease and health risks.” Her attention is diverted towards the entrance of the house where a young man wants to be let in.

“I love Christiane Amanpour from CNN and dreamt of being just like her one day. “No smoking allowed here - sorry, you can’t come in,” Julia shouts across the passage to the man at the gate.

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