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That was exactly what I was looking for, I just couldn't find a working version.

To the other replies, yes I had heard that aslains had one, but with the patch tomorrow I just wanted one that would work without having to go through the effort of the modpack.

And yep, all the controls are what I'm used to working with from the clan league streams, so the different language isn't a problem.

Mananged to find one that worked, as well as the file so I can get it working for the next couple of patches.

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I know 9.15 is coming out tomorrow, but usually a free cam mod doesn't require updating; I'll just save the file separately so I can just copy it back into the new patch.

Just a follow up on this (I have Aslains installed). I thought 'free cam' or floating cam let you see other parts of the battle.

I can move the camera around but I'm still only seeing what I saw during the battle myself.

Now you look for the entry “uset g_developer” and “uset g_console” and change there the “0” to “1“.

The speed of the camera: “uset_g_flyspeed” 100.0 ” it is best to “100.0 ” Editor save, done!

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