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Moreover, the books are much longer than the show and many of the horrors that take place in them—sexual and otherwise—are essential to the narrative.

So when condensing their source material, Benioff and Weiss have had little choice but to increase the overall of horror: Two gruesome events separated by hundreds of book pages detailing wedding feasts and noble sigils might, through the simple act of compression, find themselves onscreen in consecutive episodes—or even the same one.

Witnessing atrocities is inevitably a different experience from having them described on the page.

To pick two examples of many, there was the murder (with Myranda) of former bedwarmer Tansy, who was hunted through the woods, shot with an arrow, and then eaten alive by Ramsay’s dogs in season four; and the rape of Sansa at Winterfell this last season. Seen only briefly in seasons three and four, Myranda became a regular, if minor, character in season five.

She did not exist in the books (though she had some attributes in common with the “Bastard’s Boys” who occasionally participated in Ramsay’s abuses).

Especially notable was a scene in which two naked beauties (one of them Myranda—see below) arrived to sexually arouse Theon in preparation for his gelding.

Since then, the show has taken every conceivable opportunity to remind viewers that Ramsay is a violent sexual sadist.

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