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Twin Eagles Grills are the ultimate high-end performance grills also developed by award-winning gas engineer, Danta Cantal.He has produced the most refined and exceptionally designed, constructed grills and outdoor kitchen components.Dual fan system keeps air flow moving and also controls the fire to keep temperature variation to a minimum.Wi-Fi grills allow you to monitor your meat temperature and change the grill temperature using your smart phone.Texas Star Grill Shop has access to all Weber grills.

If you have been considering upgrading to one of the finest grills on the market then NOW is the time! For Online purchases and Coupon Codes call us at (713)927-9643 Texas Star Grill Shop carries many different grills to choose from: Charcoal Grills, Ceramic Grills, Wood Pellet Grills, Gas Grills, and Built-In Grills. Click on the logo or text to help you choose: Napoleon Gas Grills offer some innovative ideas on gas grilling.

Saber also uses 30% less fuel than most grills keeping your fuel cost down.

With Saber there is no flare ups and fat drippings are vaporized making clean up a cinch.

Plus all varieties of wood pellets, cooking wood, spices and rubs, and a whole lot of barbecue accessories. From fold down shelves, Sear side burner option, charcoal trays these grills are sure to satisfy even the most picky griller. Saber Infrared grills use a proprietary IR cooking System that is so advanced you can taste the difference.

It keeps meat juicy and tender even when cooked well done.

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