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Since the HTML elements above are already created, the Java Script portion will look smaller than you think: // Grab elements, create settings, etc.

var video = Element By Id('video'); // Get access to the camera!

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Let me show you how to get simple camera access from within your browser!

– Well, you-you, Natalie, I hope we’ll see you earlier – he recalled.

The thing about Snapchat is that when we’re on it, we’re more interested in looking weird, different, scary or funny than beautiful.

// Elements for taking the snapshot var canvas = Element By Id('canvas'); var context = Context('2d'); var video = Element By Id('video'); // Trigger photo take Element By Id("snap")Event Listener("click", function() ); Of course you could add some sexy image filters and make a billion dollars..I'll save that for another post.

At minimum you could convert the canvas snapshot to an image though!

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