Elijah wood dating gogol bordello

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I’ve always found it a romantic notion, the idea of uniting in front of friends and family with the person that you’re in love with.

Obviously, the 36-years actor is yet to find himself that soulmate, he could walk down the aisle with, so let us just cross our fingers and await that moment we will hear the wedding bells.

Considering his huge female fans, that seems a bit surprising right??

Elijah Wood was last seen with fellow American actor, Kerry Bishe whom Wood shared the screen in the psychological thriller Grand Piano.While Elijah Wood is charming as ever as Jonathan Safran Foer (the real-life author of the novel Everything Is Illuminated), it's Eugene Hutz (playing Jonathan's Ukrainian tour-guide and translator, Alex) who truly steals this film.Alex is a hip-hop-lovin' Ukrainian break-dancer who, along with his grandfather, helps Jonathan find the woman who saved Jonathan's grandfather's life during World War II.The last of these songs, "Start Wearing Purple (For Me Now)," which plays over the end credits, is credited to both a correct spelling (Gogol Bordello), dg and Gogol Bodello, an incorrect spelling. Everything Is Illuminated is sweetly and sublimely funny from the first delicious line of dialogue.Oh, how I've been waiting for this to arrive in Austin.

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