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These items are always available, because they are what people want. The Traditional range is tested on focus groups of elderly people in Newcastle.

This only partially placates my father, who then took pains to examine levels of salt in each M&S meal that was placed before him. Indeed, when I took home a chicken, bacon and mushroom pie which I fed to my children that night, I thought the seasoning was also a bit too strong."It is lovely to come indoors from a morning spent gardening and pop a couple of meals in the oven.We can choose separate meals if we wish – a bit like a restaurant."It sounds idyllic, but is it all it's made out to be?Strategy Crime prevention and victim services help address the special vulnerability to crime and violence of some elderly people.Crime Problem Addressed Elderly people are particularly vulnerable to the crimes of burglars, purse snatchers, petty thieves, and con artists.

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