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Love me for who I am today, and I will do the same for you.

Because if we keep believing that a better love awaits in the future, we will constantly be unsatisfied with each other in the present.

He was far from his goals, but the man he was at that point in his journey was what Michelle wanted, and while none of us can predict what may or may not have happened, it’s more than fair to believe that she would still love him today even if he never became the first Black President of the United States of America.

Basically, Black women, don't fall in love with what you believe is the "finished" version of me.

Every couple will face challenges that can only be traversed together with the strength of the affection cultivated from the first second you meet.

In life, especially marriage, economic stability and upward career mobility are incredibly important aspects of building a life together.It propagates the notion that you must lower your standards and settle because “good Black men” don’t exist – which is BS.And it also supports the illogical concept that the force and totality of my love is wholly lacking and deficient as I currently am because I’ve not yet achieved certain career, financial and life goals – which is far from true.Sometimes Black men evoke President Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle as an example of "betting on a Black man’s potential." But, as I suspect we’ll see in the film, , Michelle’s attraction to President Obama wasn’t about loving the aspiration of who he might be as much as it was appreciating the amalgamation of he who already was.From his sense of humor to his desire to uplift communities, those traits influenced her attraction to him.

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