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It affects around 6,000 births in the US every year. Now people with the condition are expected to live to 60 years old.

Physically it can result in upward slanting eyes, low muscle tone, and smaller body frames.

'My mind instantly went to: will he get married, will he drive a car? They were even more surprised when they struggled to find information on the disorder, which affect 6,000 Americans a year Nearly 13 years later, Amy and Ben have not only gone through the ropes of learning to raise a child with the condition, but they also welcomed another child with Down syndrome named Bitty, now seven, into the family.

He likes attending after-school acting and singing classes, while his younger sister dances center stage for ballet and tap performances.'It takes Beau and Bitty a little bit longer to learn things but they are fully capable of learning these things,' Amy said.Looking forward: As their children age, Amy and Ben began to worry about their future.People with intellectual and development disabilities – such as Down syndrome, autism, and fetal alcohol syndrome – have an unemployment rate of 85 percent in the USBut even so, they were shocked to find there were few resources to learn about the disorder, few schools that could cater for a Down syndrome child, they knew few families with Down, and when it came to life beyond education, there were little to no prospects. We were scared to death, that's how little we knew about Down syndrome.'By the time they heard that Bitty too had Down syndrome, Amy said she 'cried and cried because I was so happy.''We won the lottery twice,' she said.Within months it has backing from TV personality Rachael Ray, and lines around the block.Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder, which causes a child to be born with an extra chromosome in their cells.

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