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Both my mother and father worked for everything that they had. When I look back, for her to juggle both lives is really incredible. She would fly on the Concorde to London, do a show, fly back the same night and take us to school in the morning. She’s a mom, more than anything.” He added, “She’s a special human being and she will do anything for her children.” That includes officiating at Evan and Ashlee’s wedding in the singer-actress’ sprawling estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, in 2014. Wedding surprise “That was amazing,” Evan recalled with a smile. “There were moments when she was trying to make sure she could read everything and not cry. “Other people would tell me, ‘You can sing.’ She knew. My brother (Ross) would fall asleep sometimes because he was so young. Transformation “I would also sit in the dressing room with her.

It was never treated as though we deserved anything, like no one was better than anyone else. While the party was happening, I was talking to somebody and all of a sudden, I could hear the music change to ‘Endless Love.’ I just heard her voice. Because if she says she’s not doing something, she’s not doing it. She would hear me once in a while and she would be like, ‘I heard you—you sound so great.’ But I was nervous to do it in front of her for a long time. It was so interesting to watch her go from my mom to what people know as Diana Ross.

The husband of Ashlee Simpson plays Messalla in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Parts 1 and 2,” has appeared in several other films and TV movies and released a couple of singles.

Not surprisingly, being Diana’s son has its luxurious perks, especially when Evan and his numerous siblings were kids.

Sie ist bekannt als deutsche Stimme von Jennifer Lien und Jenna Elfman.

Il a ensuite joué dans un épisode de l'émission de télévision Girlfriends, et il a joué avec Hilary Duff dans le téléfilm dramatique Greta.“He liked to be in coach and he was like, ‘I don’t see the point of it.’” “They were so different,” Evan added about his parents who were married in 1985 and divorced in 1999 (Arne died in a mountain climbing accident in South Africa in 2004).“We would travel to Switzerland and stay at my dad’s house.“It was amazing that we were able to have the life that we had, seen the things we did and got to travel like we did because of what they have done. I see a lot of kids now that don’t get told as much as we were. I was taking (voice) lessons when I was very young. She was like, ‘This is what you should do.’ I was like, ‘I am doing it.’ Over time, you start building that confidence. I am still in the process of fully trusting myself. Everybody in the family knew that, too, especially my mom. “I kept telling my mom to allow me to start really getting into it. I want to do music.’ She was like, ‘Get through your school stuff first.It was never something that was treated as though this is for you only. We weren’t allowed to step out of the bubble and just do what we wanted. I think it’s just the way your parents treat it from the beginning.” Asked to describe Diana as a mother, not the glam diva that fans see onstage, Evan quickly answered, “She’s the most amazing person I ever met. I am a fan of hers, like an actual fan, even though she is my mother. “Then I sang at her show years ago in Greenwich, Connecticut, when I was in high school. As an artist, I am trusting that every little thing that I do can be right. Then you can go and do it.’” As a tribute to both Diana and Arne and to make sure their coming first baby (a girl) together has an official connection to the grandparents, Evan and Ashlee filed requests to change their last names to Ross-Naess.

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