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If Skyrim is working for you leave things the way they are.

It's not really required unless we make some major update in the cleaning process.

Cleaning multiple plugins at once can and will lead to erroneous cleaning and can in many cases lead to unwanted crashes to the desktop.

Please look at the Cleaning Tutorial or watch the cleaning videos.

It is imperative that the process is repeated for each individual separate plugin that you wish to clean.

They can't be edited in CK, but it supports them and they confirmed to work in game- [TES4] Added XRGD subrecord to REFR, INFO flags update- [FO3] Do not remove PLD2 subrecord in PACK (as in FNV)- [FNV] BPTD update to support body parts without BPTN name- [FNV] Relocated CELL and WRLD groups at the end of file- [TES4/TES5/FO3/FNV] WRLD offset data OFST definition (when ' Simple records' option is off)- esp files can be loaded before esm- issue 136: no stack overflow and progress indication for long operations- issue 137: added empty subrecords were treated as ITM leading to possible erroneous cleaning- fixed bug when 8 chars in square brackets were treated as Form ID giving errors in various places, i.e.We won't be adding those types of things to TES5Edit.Please understand that we don't directly support the use of TES5Edit to make major changes to plugins.It is still important to remove "Identical to Master" records for a more stable game but not as vital to eliminating crashes.The other causes for crashes are corrupt plugins, poorly written and managed scripts, and missing files required by the plugin.

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