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It was very disturbing to find out several of the men who were with us are (or have been) divorced, with one friend being on his third marriage.I listened intently to all the complications that have developed as a result of divorce.For me it was especially enjoyable because I was the only woman there who could completely appreciate all the old college stories because I lived them as well.Doug and I met when we were freshman and I was definitely a permanent figure at the fraternity house.There’s the switching back and forth of children, trying to move closer to the ex-wife to be closer to the kids, etc.

I wonder how many marriages end because of infidelity with the cheating spouse regretting their decisions.

Her husband found someone who gave him the attention that was lacking at home. It seems to me that it’s a common thread that for some reason, the cheating spouse thinks that the other person cares more for them than his/her own spouse does.

I firmly believe that this is usually not the case.

I wonder if once they make that decision, how difficult it is to turn around and admit how wrong they were.

I have to think that rarely is the other person worth giving everything up for.

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