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Some programs consist of teachers and children speaking and signing at the same time, known as simultaneous communication.

In these programs, grammatically-correct English is available when speech is paired with Signing Exact English.

Deaf education in the United States began during the early 1800s, when the Cobbs School (an oral school) was established by William Bolling and John Braidwood and the Connecticut Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb (a manual school) was established by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc.

When the Cobbs School closed in 1816, the manual method (which used American Sign Language) became common in deaf schools for most of the rest of the century.

Schools use a number of approaches to provide deaf-educational services to identified students.

These may be grouped into four categories, according to whether (and how much) the deaf student has contact with non-deaf students (using North American terminology): classes should be conducted in a visual language.

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The oral method was used for many years, until sign-language instruction gradually returned to deaf education.For the English art rock/new wave band, see Deaf School.Deaf education is the education of students with any manner of hearing impairment which addresses their differences and individual needs.Children using this option may be placed in a continuum of educational placement, including oral schools (such as the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech), classrooms for deaf students in public schools or mainstream classrooms with hearing students.There is great variety in programs that label themselves as using simultaneous communication or total communication.

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