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Video vixen Dollicia Bryan seems to rarely be without a man. Cue the emotional verses we know he's already working on with a few "Doll" name drops. A rep for Dollicia Bryan just confirmed to The that she and Drake are indeed an item. Which her then-boyfriend Hill Harper attended as well. He wasn't available to shoot the original vid which already premiered last week. I just dont understand a young man that says hes wants to find a real young lady, why did that lady confirm herself dating drake smh..didnt release a shes happy she bagged another famous person from the looks of it!

The on the cusp of manhood theme that James Frecheville embodied in ANIMAL KINGDOM bleeds through Pattinson’s edgy acting as the unhinged, possibly brain-damaged youngster caught up in a messy mission.

My sister is a year younger than me and we’ve never acted like brother and sister – we’re just best mates.

We were always looking out for each other and supporting each other.

Throughout this series, we've examined artists from most genres of music.

We haven't encountered any heavy metal hero yet though.

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