Dating spode tower

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Josiah Spode I perfected underglaze transfer printing on earthenwares and produced numerous series of blue printed dinner and other services of spectacular quality.Different designs were used on different shaped items; the ’Indian Sporting’ series alone has 21 different hunting scenes based on engravings in a monthly publication ’Oriental Field Sports’ by one Edward Orme of Bond Street, London. This interesting dish was rediscovered when the contents of the Reserve Collection at the Spode Museum was being packed to send away for storage at the time of closure of the Spode factory.See more » The SS are aware that Detective Archer does not share their beliefs, and that his wife was killed by German bombing.Yet they choose to keep him as the chief local policeman on a case they view as enormously important.

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A sleuth, a mysterious woman and a conspiracy of sorts, set against the backdrop of Nazi occupation.

There may be a Spode title allocated to this pattern but until this is known the title given by Robert Copeland of “Foreign Port” remains. Spode Tall Dutch Jug, c.1820, printed in Tower pattern, 30cm high. Tissue pull — ‘Foreign Port’ pattern Underglaze printed marks in blue on the reverse of the Foreign Port dish Spode Low Dutch Jug in Caramanian pattern, c.1820. London Shape Breakfast Cup and Saucer in Trophies —Etruscan pattern, c.1820.

Spode meat plate, c.1820, printed in Convolvulus and Sunflower sheet pattern, 48cm wide. Spode Supper Set in oval mahogany tray, c.1815 printed in Greek pattern.

This pattern is also known as the ' Dollar Tree' or ' Money Tree' pattern with obvious reference to the similar...

There are more than 300 identifying marks, datemarks and backstamps on Copeland Spode pottery going back as far as 1770, according to Heirlooms Antiques Centre.

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