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Food can be arranged at an additional cost but this must be pre-booked. Prize winning barley deliverers its full and malty flavour and our use of traditional English Golding and Fuggle Hops combine to create the clean, bitter taste.Brewery tours cost £7.50 per adult and £4.50 for under 18’s. The late addition of American Cascade Hops deliverers its enticing aroma and moreish citrus finish - 3.6% abv. Zing from the citrusy hops we use - Pow from its fuller flavour - Phwoar from the crisp finish that leaves you ready for more. Buy Marston's EPA online Crafted to produce an authentic re-creation of an IPA.Tours run Monday to Friday, 11am and 2pm Monday to Thursday, and 11am only on Friday. This finest creamy smooth is a beautifully crafted beer.Evening tours can be arranged for groups of 15 or more. That’s the depth of the well at the Brewery that gives this refreshing pale ale its name The five American and Australian hops give it its fresh, zesty aroma, whilst the tropical fruit and citrus notes make it extremely drinkable. It has all the easy-drinking attributes you would expect from a smooth ale, but also has an underlying depth and character.Buy Marston's Resolution online An oldie but a goodie. Clear, bright and full flavoured with a malty, biscuit taste. A taste enjoyed across the whole country – straight from the Black Country.

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Buy Marston's Old Empire online A few pearls about our stout.

Visit our famous Albion Brewery described as a ‘cathedral of brewing’ and home to Marston’s since 1898.

Discover how we make our beers including our flagship Pedigree, on our fully guided tour... Learn about the brewing process from mashing to fermentation, see how traditional brewing methods have evolved and view our world renowned Burton Union System.

Malty with a perceptible burnt note, it's full bodied with a hint of bitterness counterbalancing the rich, biscuity flavour from the best barley - 3.5% abv.

Buy Banks's Mild online Brewed with an exciting blend of Pilgrim, Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops Sunbeam is a gloriously zesty blonde beer.

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