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We all have busy lives, especially those of us who work in uniform.

That’s why Uniform Dating is here, to guide you through the world of online dating and help you find your hero.

These however seldom went beyond colours and patterns painted on shields or embroidered on surcoats.

Orders of military monks such as the Knights Templar or Hospitaler wore mantles respectively of white (with red crosses on the shoulder) or black (with white crosses) over the usual pattern of armour for their periods.

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If a particular people or culture favoured a distinctive dress style this could easily create the impression of uniformly dressed warriors.The issue is further complicated by the distinctive features (weapons, armour, fighting style and native dress) of particularly effective warrior classes often being copied.Thus the distinctive and colourful clothing of the Hungarian hussars became a model for hussar units all over Europe.200 BC) have a superficial similarity but closer examination shows up to seven different styles of armour, which do not appear to have been standardised within separate units.The legions of the Roman Republic and Empire had a fairly standardised dress and armour, particularly from approximately the early to mid 1st century onward, when Lorica Segmentata (segmented armour) was introduced.

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