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Japan, on the other hand, does things a bit differently.For one, while in the West crunching for 10-12 hours in order to meet deadlines is considered an anomaly exclusive to game developers which tends to lower morale, in Japan extra long work days are common across the board, and even though they’re not particularly healthy, they’re considered the norm within that culture.And then there’s the fact that in the West upper management often has more creative control over the games than the developers – they decide what gets released and what gets cut and sold as separate DLC, for example.The constant pressure of working long hours under a strict deadline while constantly taking into account executive meddling AND planning for the sequel all at once tends to drain many Western developers of their creativity.Up until now, the question of whether Western or Japanese games were better was purely a matter of preference.Some people enjoy brand new experiences – they like the quirky world, battle system and music of “The World Ends With You”, or the complete mindf*ckery of something like “Katamari Damacy”.If they don’t, they’ll just go the way of THQ and close their doors sooner or later.It’s lamentable, and the sad part is that there’s no real solution to this.

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Japanese games tend to be more “out there”, more cartoony and colorful, often being released on handheld systems like the 3DS or Vita (sometimes exclusively, other times alongside a console release).The gap between “Final Fantasy XIII” and the next main single-player “Final Fantasy” title, XV, was eight years.The gap between “Persona 4” and “Persona 5” – also eight years.Think about it – the best, most innovative Western games of the last few years are either indies with minimal budgets and not too much to lose or console exclusives where the console manufacturer foots the bill and allows the developers to get wild, because quality ships consoles. Hang on, let me put on that scarf and fedora I keep around here…I don’t really see that changing, and as Western games keep pushing technology forward, game development will become more and more expensive and we’ll see Western games start taking less and less risks, hoping to appeal to the broadest demographic possible in order to sell. Seriously though, the funny story about “Shelter” is that I actually discovered it through the You Tube algorithm when it only had a little over a thousand views, and I sent it to a bunch of friends telling them “Holy crap, you guys totally need to watch this”, and of course not a single one of them watched it.

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    [1] In the sequel to one of the best selling Kinect franchises on Xbox 360, Kinect Sports is back with bowling, jetski racing, rock climbing, soccer, target shooting, and tennis.

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